Commissions by Regrah


Each commission will either be accepted within a pool or upon request
All commission requests must have a clear reference(s) and clear description of what you want drawn. Commissions with just a reference(s) could be declined
Once accepted, payment should be made in the next 24 hours after its been accepted. Payments are to be made via the appropriate method for the commission (paypal, ko-fi, or by invoice)
Payments should be paid in full unless there is a payment agreement
All commissions that insinuate a free request or $0 payment will be declined immediately
Commissions usually take a 1-4 week period based on what is ordered. If commission takes longer, I will contact you. If you hear nothing from me, ask me about your commission(s) at [email protected]

All commissions will submitted via the appropriate communication channels or by email

All commission orders other than icon or emote commissions will have some sort of preview. If there isn't some sort of preview, assume that I have not started your commission
All previews have a window for there to be any changes. All previews are usually sketches unless it is a portrait commission
All commissioners are entitled to a refund after the 1-4 week period
If commission(s) has some progress on it/preview is shown, commissioner is entitled back 1/2 of the original price of the commission. Otherwise, commissioner is entitled to 100% of what was paid for the commission
Any tip(s) given for the commission will not be refunded. They are considered as donations
Contact me within the week of when your commission was delivered if you would like any additional changes


Contact me via email about any commissions inquires and or questions

Payment methods

Backgrounds are freePrices have a starting price can change or vary depending on any additional character(s) or complexity of commission request
Click below to request for a commission

Starting at $20

Starting at $40

Starting at $55

Portrait Bust
Starting at $110